Microtome applications


The rotary microtome made by microTec is a manually operated cutting device for all types of work with paraffin and hard cutting technology in the field of biology, medicine, and industry.  It is used for making microscopic preparations for subsequent illumination (e.g., human tissue). Typical places of application are above all soft substances and work materials, e.g., in medicine and biology (histology) as well as analysis of synthetic materials.


Functionality Modes


By turning manually the hand dial, the rotary microtome moves vertically to focus on the given object.  The cutting procedure is done with the aid of a knife that can be sharpened or a disposable blade that may be adapted to and fastened into different knife holders.

 Cutting is achieved by making appropriate motions (cutting motions) with the object.   The cutting motion of the rotary microtome is achieved by turning the hand dial clockwise.  Further turning of the hand dial clockwise will make the upwards positioned object turn backwards.  The thickness of the cut is set on the upper point of the turned object. In order to facilitate a fast adjustment of the cutting distances between the knife blade and the object, the microtome may be operated in coarse mode.