31st International Colloquium Plastics Technology, 7-8 September 2022, RWTH Aachen

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Special Accessories Microtome-XL

The special accessories enable new functions and expand the application possibilities of the Mikrotom-XL

Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Unit (Art. No. B180167)

The liquid nitrogen cooling unit is meant for deep freezing elastic samples like elastomers, which cannot be sectioned at room temperature. The clamping devices can be switched during the cooling process and the optimized cold transfer provides a fast sample-freezing. The Mikrotom-XL can still be used without active cooling process and can be mounted with all clamping devices with prism-clamping.

The cooling unit is only available for devices with a T-grooveplate and needs additional space for a liquid nitrogen tank.

Safety Housing (Art. No. B180168)

The safety housing includes a cover with a light barrier, which prevents touching the knife/sample during the sectioning process in automatic mode. Therefore, the risk of an injury is minimized. In case of a barrier intersection, the device will stop immediately. The operation mode “Setting” is still fully functional without active safety housing.